Shining City on a Hill

In 1630, a Puritan leader named John Winthrop stepped to the pulpit and delivered what would later be called, “the greatest sermon of the millennium”. His inspiring words brought a fresh vision to early colonists for what a new world in the wilds of America could be. 350 years later, the wilds of America had become the greatest nation in the world. But, locked in a Cold War and facing an economic crisis, it was a nation in need of a fresh vision of what it could be. Into this moment in history, Winthrop’s sermon continued to preach. The words of the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony inspired another governor who would cite Winthrop’s sermon on his way to the presidency. 


Cooler Heads Prevail

By early 1914, the World was on the brink of war. But, as the nations went into full-scale production of combat weaponry, one man was literally melting them down. On this special episode of Faith and Liberty Rediscovered, hear the remarkable story of a man whose incredible efforts at peace demonstrated that diplomacy is, indeed, the art of keeping cool.


The Spy

Hear the true tale of a Statesman turned Spymaster whose stories inspired the breakthrough bestseller for one of America’s renowned novelists. All this and more on this special episode of Faith and Liberty Rediscovered with Alan Crippen.


A Man of the People in the Cause of Freedom

In order for liberty’s cause to succeed, it couldn’t merely be the vision of delegates and statesmen. It needed to be the people’s vision, the people’s cause. Without the spirit, grit, and determination of the common man, the fight for freedom would surely have failed. On this special episode of Faith and Liberty Rediscovered, we’ll see how one fascinating figure with a household name used his voice to remind the common man that he was equally precious in the sight of God as the King of England. This man of the people inspired more than a beverage, he inspired a Revolution!


The Freedom Prophet – Richard Allen

When titles like Prophet and Apostle are frequently ascribed, the person in view is someone of great stature and influence. Such is the case with the 18th-century minister and Civil Rights leader, Richard Allen. Born into bondage as a slave, Allen came to know Christ and found ultimate freedom in the gospel. Remarkably, his faith-filled life made such a profound impact on his “master” that he allowed Allen to purchase his freedom and live as a doubly free man. Allen used his newfound liberty to minister the gospel and fight for racial equality. His voice for Christ and for change still speaks volumes today. In this way, ascriptions like Prophet and Apostle are perhaps apropos, after all.


Precedented Times: American Inaugurations Re-Discovered Part 2

In just the 72 short years between the Presidential inaugurations of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the landscape of America had shifted dramatically. In 1789, citizens lined the streets to catch a celebratory glimpse of the esteemed General as he made his journey to take the oath of office. Lincoln, on the other hand, had to be disguised and smuggled to the capitol due to riots and the potential for violence. The first inauguration served to commemorate a nation coming together as one, in pursuit of the dream for a more perfect Union. By 1861, the fabric of that Union was tearing at the seams as the nation spiraled toward civil war.


Precedented Times: American Inaugurations Re-Discovered Part 1

Stirred by duty and endowed with humility, our nation’s first President stepped to the podium on April 30th, 1789 to deliver the first inaugural address. The timeless speech that followed reveals the nobility of George Washington’s character and motivations that stand in sharp contrast with much of what passes in the political realm today. The precedence he set was one of patriotism, not partisanship; constitutionality, not re-electability; dependence not arrogance. There is so much to learn from our nation’s 1st President and his 1st Inauguration on this, the inaugural episode of Faith and Liberty Rediscovered!


Welcome to Faith and Liberty Rediscovered

In each episode, we investigate the people behind historically significant events in American history while also exploring the direct connection between faith and liberty in America from its founding to today. All from the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center which is located in the heart of our nation’s birthplace: On Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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