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In each episode, we investigate the people behind historically significant events in American history while also exploring the direct connection between faith and liberty in America from its founding to today. All from the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center which is located in the heart of our nation’s birthplace: On Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Together, We’ll bring history to life in a fun and accessible way by leveraging relevant segments, guests, and exploring topics that allow us to discover our Nation’s history in a fresh and new format. 

Our inaugural episode comes at an appropriate time as the nation anticipates its forty-sixth president’s inauguration. We’re going to look back to precedent setting inaugurations, particularly George Washington’s first inauguration as well as Abraham Lincoln’s. Was there anything unprecedented about them? What was their context and what was the content of these events? What did the first president and the sixteenth president say? Do their lives and words have any relevance for our present time? If so, what understanding and wisdom can they and their times bring to us in our own times, understanding, and struggle for meaning?

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